Phillip Mason Jones Born October 17th In Houston, Texas  Better Know By His  Stage Name  Xeus Jones Also Zeus. Is A  American Rapper, Poet, Activist, And Podcast Personality. Jones Grew Up In Shreveport Louisiana and is One Of Six Children.  Phillip's Childhood was one of extreme struggle, never knowing  his father his mother did the best she could as a single parent.  At nine years old  Jones was taking away by the State and placed in foster Care For Five years.  " It Was Like Slavery or Prison " Jones Recounts.        

            The Foster Family Had A Huge Farm with every  crop and Farm animal imaginable." I was Used As Child Labor " if you didn't work You Didn't eat. We Had To Wear The Same Unwashed Clothes to School Every Day, were regularly beaten, and they Wouldn't allow us the use the bathrooms In the House.   Jones Stated That " If You Had To take a number two you had to take it outside"   It Wasn't all Bad Phillip Says. I was The Youngest On The Farm, but I always Out performed the Teenaged Boys. This is where my I Got My work ethic from.  This Is Also where Jones Was Introduced To Hip Hop.

        " My Mother Listened To Motown , Classical , and Light Rock music,  Id Never heard Hip Hop Before" . Jones Said He Fell In Love Immediately. " I Remember Some Of The First Rappers I heard"  Ice Cube, Dj Quick, Spice One, Snoop Dog,  Scarface  Mc Hammer,  Sir Mix A Lot. " I Was Hooked Man... I Was Hooked"

         Phillip Would Be Reunited With His Beloved Mother at 14, but things had changed. He Saw Himself As A man , but his mother  still saw him as  the little boy who used to worship the  ground she walked on.  " We Would Fight Everyday"  We Had No Electricity or Running Water For Years, and I was always Trying to Push her to do more . Finally his mother had enough and put him out at 16.  Jones  Struggled In his first years alone battling  deep depression, homelessness, and  addiction He Often Would Sabotage his own efforts to progress  With Outburst Of Rage. Diagnosed With Bipolar in His Mid Twenties Jones Has Learned How To keep His Emotions In Check.  


    The Creationism Album Is Jones's  Latest And Greatest Work." I Spent Five Years Working On This Project" So Many Life Changing Events Have Happen To Me  During This Time That Have Expanded My Thinking And My Purpose In Life.  On  "Smell The Roses " Xeus  Talks About The Death Of his Mother And His Struggles With Depression. His Delivery Is Raw Emotion,  And Takes You Back To A Time When Hip Hop Gave People Something To Think About In The Content.  "Take Me Away"   Also Coming From A Place Emotion Talks About How  The Police Gun Down Unarmed Black Men , and Nothing Is Ever Done. Jones Urges  Blacks  To Stand Together And Fight Instead Of Marching.  On "Master Of Ceremonies"  Xeus  Puts His Bars Together Masterfully On A Beat For The Ages. Claiming That He Is Coming For That Top Spot.   And On "Back And Better Than Ever"   The Lead Single Jones Delivers Rapid Fire Forcing The Listener To Hang On Every Word.  This Album Is A Demonstration Of Hip Hop At Its Finest.    













  • Tupac Shakur
  • Eminem
  • Scarface
  • Styles P
  • 50 Cent
  • Bob Marley
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Bone Thugs
  • Nas
  • Busta  Rhymes



  • Louisiana Jones
  • Louie Lee
  • Zeus
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